Day 12/21

Today,  I am grateful for. .. Friends coming over Fun at work Space to breathe 3) The problem with bad days is that they make transience hard to come by.  Every single thing feeds into your present state of mind.  Last night the heat cut out. The heat cut out and I saw no way […]

Day 11/21

Today,  I am grateful for… Having somewhere to go Having a way to get there Having down time 1) I have a need to flee.  It is very real and can be deeply upsetting.  When I’m healthy it translates into wanderlust. When I’m unhealthy it translates into running away.  When I feel trapped, when it […]

Day 10/21

Today,  I am grateful for… A vocal email Dinner with my work people Bedding down for a night in 1) Today, I received a, shall we say, strongly worded email.  It was among the first I’ve received. It was based on my blog here. I was very surprised.  Words, man. Words can send people over […]