Titillating. Titular. Title.

His Mother never loved him they’ll say; No, I loved him too well Shey’ll say. His Father never spoke to him they’ll say; We never had much to say He’ll say. Ding dong the witch is dead we’ll say; He never took responsibility She’ll say; We couldn’t be prouder He’ll say. I wish I were […]

The Grinch!

Let me tell you about Christmas: Nobody gets Christmas like I do. See, Christmas, is wholly and completely consumed by capitalism. See, back in the way back when, we had this little thing called “Sol Invictus” or “Saturnalius” depending on whether your gods wore togas or drank mead from skulls. Anyway, it was all about […]


Fruitful is my hatred, blossoming Just like Mother’s always saying; Just like Mother’s simple sayings, ”                                                              ” She didn’t say a thing, Not a tear […]

Patreon Pals!

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