Tentative steps Crawling to running They grow up so fast Suddenly college Suddenly in love Rapturous art Ruptured heart Trumps busted knee Know when it rains now When did we get old Late night All Hallow’s Eve Picking through deranged houses A discovery “Voices Even when all alone And electricity off” Reads the words scribbled […]

They can’t all be winners

All these years, through all the tears Bearing yolks of empty biers Now, slough off the burden, dear Help me shine where once I feared You told me when you were drunk & happy I dared to hope to make you drunk and happy Singing praises all the time Singing praises, never mine Tried to […]

Live, Laugh, Loathe

Life is cold and hard and you’d better get used to it. You are just a little bleeding heart that nobody cares for. Something that gets stuck to the underside of most people’s shoes & they really don’t enjoy it. Life has a way of locking you in closets Rattling doors and screaming to be […]

Boys in bags

Boy in bags, Reaching, achieving room temperature Seeing farther than their officers Going further than their commanders. They’ve gone too far -Blasphemy They’ve disobeyed -Heresy They don’t follow orders -Lunacy If someone found a way to recycle The lost boys back into the game They would have much to answer for No more do they […]