Dr. Heidi Jekyll at Slipstream

Today, let us discuss Dr. Heidi Jekyll… Dr. Heidi Jekyll, a play written and directed by Luna Alexander & Victoria Weatherspoon was a lovely production.  a modern retelling of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic about duality and temptation, Slipstream (source) Context: Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish author writing just before the turn of the […]

B is for Bullshit

B is for Bullshit. Capital Buh- I wrote a not so good stream of consciousness post not very long ago about this very issue when it comes to the theatre and, in particular, reviews: Critical Response (Why Everyone Hates Reviews…Fuck ’em) I thought I said everything in that blog post. But, it just keeps coming […]

A is for Acting

Acting. Capital A. So, I am an actor, I would know. I have been doing this for a while. And there is something that I really hate that also starts with an “A”. Academia. OR more specifically actor training in the U.S. So, to give some history I have been an actor for well over […]