Emeril Jones ix

At least that version of Emeril Jones. This version of Emeril Jones had a bright idea. He had fallen into a singularity and had since, died. That was his life now, the life of Emeril Jones. If he wanted to stop dying inside of a black hole, perhaps he ought to try escaping it. “Had […]

Emeril Jones vii

* * * At least that version of Emeril Jones. Emeril Jones discovered he was good at something. He was good at falling. Emeril Jones had spent his entire life being laughed at. When he was at grade school, then high school, and finally university Emeril Jones bungled every meeting with the opposite sex. This […]

Emeril Jones vi

At least those Emeril Joneses. In the center of the killing field, all alone, stood a single, naked Emeril Jones. With a towel between his teeth and a wild gleam in his eye, he looked out across what he had wrought and thought it good. Emeril Jones had never ever felt so alive as he […]

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