I like tea–chai
it tastes oddly like life
and full of warm


My life was a script

My life was a script
–Get a degree
–Get a house
–Get a spouse
–Get some kids
In that order
Down to the letter
Just wait and see
All of it down to a “t”

The script–
A noose–strangling me
Tearing away lives i wanted,
Ripping away loves i cherished

The script–
Now, in tatters at my feet
Blowing in the wind that was
A mother’s touch: my parent’s fear

The script–
She flutters
Seizing me up
Sizing me up for the gutters

My home is filled with stuff instead of love
i pass the time with thoughts of idle destruction

My parents’ warnings:
You can’t, not, shan’t, won’t, will never
Taming my wayward spirit every day
i stomp
i scream
i shout
And cry for joy//fear//rage

i gaze around at the iron bars
That are my furniture
i pick up a flamethrower
It’s time for spring cleaning.