where exactly is
the dividing line between
middle and end


I drank her words too deep

I drank her words too deep.
Her poison settled in my guts
Flowering inside my flora;
It kills my fauna.

Clawing at my ribs like rats in a bag
Drowning me in blood, in bloody, bloody strife.

None so wise as they that lose their memories,
Yet, I am he that remembers.
I am he that is forgotten,
Yet, never can I forget.

Hating whole halls of my mind palace
Resenting rooms made of memory
–showering together, bodies pressed
–playing in fields beneath the sun, no clothes
–balancing on balls of feet, weight of your womb
–nests of pillows, forts of cloth
–sizzling dinner, my inept fingers cut while cutting

I dash them cross the floor, smash them all
Except I don’t
I can’t.
Instead I pick them up
Cradle them to me
Put them back up on the mantle
Polish them a little
Fighting to stay standing.