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The Index

Hullo! Once again I am biting off waaay more than I can chew with Noveldom & Beyond! OR what I’m calling The Library Challenge. This is a reading challenge (now defunct) where people read ~6,000 pages over the course of a set time period. Now, according to the wikimedia article that I read on Timed […]

The Many Deaths of Emeril Jones

May is Short Story Month! And I am so excited to announce my latest challenge, something I have been sitting on for over a year now, just waiting for this special time of year: The Many Deaths of Emeril Jones! (WT) The Many Deaths of Emeril Jones will be a collection of short stories from the […]

Bits of Bliss

Bits of bliss scattered around The senile recreation center As the orderlies make their rounds Treading past signs that scream Please, Enter Where forgetfulness is bounteous And the rememories of follies Have reduced Caesars comma Julius To one more holly jolly nobody. Their memories, plucked from the ground, Like fruit ripening without a flavor, Leave […]

Day 9/21

Today, I am grateful for… my endlessly inexhaustible typewriter ribbon invitations to lunch parties how easy it is to change a room layout 1) I feel like I don’t talk enough about the weird ones on my list, so I will start to include them a bit more and let’s just talk about the weird […]