Day 7/21


I am grateful for…

  1. three hour conversations
  2. new story ideas
  3. late night physics talks

3) Ever since forever I have loved physics.

I try to stay abreast of the newest theoretical physicists and their contributions: String Theory, Super Symmetry, M-Theory.

It causes me a lot of grief.

How you might ask? Well, I get stopped on the bus a lot. People will say: “You’re reading a science book!?”

I’ll say, “Yeah…”

They’ll say, “I have this fascinating theory.”

I’ll go: “Do you want to share it?”

They do. And then when I point out the inconsistencies with prevailing theoretical physics, they get mad. For example: “I think the concept of god is analogous to the concept of zero in mathematics.” An interesting idea and not necessarily the realm of science, but invariably someone wants to talk about time travel or superluminal travel or whatever. I tell them what the science suggests.

They get pouty.

Because nobody likes to hear that they are wrong.

But, every so often you’re at a party or at a function or in your living room and someone wants to learn exactly what is going on in the universe.

They want to hear about the similarities between anti-matter and tachyons or how the Conservation of Energy only works if you are speaking about the macro-cosmos, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Newton’s Calculus.

Some days are good days. Some talks are fruitful.


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