Day 5/21


I am grateful for…

  1. Archer
  2. reasonable dialogue on Youtube
  3. laughing so hard it hurts

3) I had a very distinctive laugh growing up. I sounded like an evil genius.

Let me say that again because I think you may have misheard me: I sounded like an evil genius. I am not kidding. Parents commented on it. Friends commented on it. Strangers on the street would turn their heads and watch to see me go past because they were afraid of my power.

That last one may not be true. But, it was a very distinctive laugh. When asked to describe it I would say it sounds like an evil genius laughing maniacally. Kind of like Man-Dark but all grown up.

It was variously described as “maniacal” and “the most evil laugh I’ve ever heard” so if that helps you imagine.

I remember that laugh. I remember having it for the majority of my life. I kick myself over it because it wasn’t stomped out in high school or middle school like so many other things in life. I remember classes, movies, tv shows, theatre, comedians laughing for minutes at a time. People would shush me and I would just keep going.

And then I remember it stopping. Not happening nearly so often. I forget when though. Might have been college or university. Might have been when I started attending live events. I don’t know. But, I miss it. I miss it a lot.

Every so often though, when something hits just right, when it’s surprising and new, but maybe a bit nostalgic I laugh. It comes back and it comes back hard. Big, belly, room-filling booms that rattle the shelves and shake the rooms next to the one I’m in. I’m talking wake the neighbors kind of laughing.

I laughed like that today.

I am just really happy that I can still do that. That I still have that part of myself somewhere. It is very important to me that that part is not gone because when every body leaves, what I’m left with is myself and I should like the parts of me that I’ve got.


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