Sea Foam Breasts

Sea foam breasts
Cupping tightly.
Bubbles form
Between my fingers,
Laughing lightly,
Coming sweetly.

Seaweed hair
Framing faces,
Necks, and shoulders,
Washing over us.
Washing us over–
In the ocean
In the sea-green sea,
In my sea-green goddess.

Worship my goddess
In the ocean.

Ocean squalls
Float above me
As I swell
Beneath the swell;
Falling beneath
Watery depths,
Sinking tonight,
Even as day
Passes away.

Sea-green goddess
Carries me home
To the ocean floor
Hallowed halls
Sit forevermore
In coraled stone
Aging never
Mortal no more
High priest & consort
To my sea-green goddess.


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