Nobody holds doors for lonely little psychos

It’s true.
He waves.
He dies.

He knocks.
He waves.
The door slams.
He dies.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I am on the other side.
There’s no one here
But me & me.

The Other Guy has got no heart
So far as I can see.
Alone and not alone
Seething from end to start.

He stares at me and through me
He carves his way through me
He bangs and scrapes against the door
That was my chest as I implore
For another tallying of the score
No one here to hear my pleas
So I sit down and allow my inner rodent
To do as he he please
While I mind my “Q’s” & “P’s”

On the other side of the door am I dying
While the whole wide world is lying.
I cherish the laughter I catch echoes of
As I remember tales of trees and dreams and love.
Now, now, we can have no more of that, no more sighing
Not so long as I can keep silent my crying.

I look down and at my feet is the Other One
He lies before me and my lunch is done
Him with the heart? I ate it at the start.
Am I the the one with the heart?

Or the Other One?

I cannot tell.



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