Day 4/21

Today, I am grateful for… the fact that I can see the Fisher Building from my bedroom that the weather is finally turning (wrote it at five a.m. how was I supposed to know it was going to be a shit day? Sue me.) that my boss likes me and tells me often 3) I […]

Day 3/21

Today, I am grateful for… working heaters getting up this early friends who care to drive out & see me Points 1. & 2. sort of go hand in hand, but I have to pick one…2. I guess… Getting up this early is significant. It is a big deal. When you are in a rut–physically/mentally, […]

Sea Foam Breasts

Sea foam breasts Cupping tightly. Bubbles form Between my fingers, Laughing lightly, Coming sweetly. Seaweed hair Framing faces, Necks, and shoulders, Washing over us. Washing us over– In the ocean In the sea-green sea, In my sea-green goddess. Worship my goddess In the ocean. Ocean squalls Float above me As I swell Beneath the swell; […]

Lunar Love

She has a name Known only to her. She shares it with travelers, Poets, playwrights, adventurers Who come and stay a night with her. They laugh and love and sing an age away. Away, where mortals cannot die and heroes Become what they always were. She calls to us, She beckons us. To her home, […]