Today is your Birthday Too

Today is my birthday,
For all the forgotten ones,
For all the ill-gotten ones,
For all the lost boys,
For all the tossed boys,
For all the baby girls,
For all the maybe girls,
It can be your birthday too.

I wasn’t born on Valentine’s
But, I wished it mine.

Bagged and tagged according to a schedule
They made damn sure that I was punctual,
Never asking if it was mutual,
But, damn it if the pain is not annual.
I’ll gift myself another birthday,
Which all my friends find unusual,
But if your life seems malfunctional too,
If you see through lenses that are spiritual
Keep trying, keep plying, keep flying
Till you’re worth it to you.

Because you’re worth it.
Because you deserve it.
Because no one takes away your day
When you gift yourself a say.
No one dares glare at the girls with a pair
Of ovaries because they’re tougher than we pay
Attention to.
So to those in detention
Seeking avenues of dissension
A very happy Valentine’s to you.

Here’s wishing you well,
And letting you know,
You can give ’em hell.


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