Flights of Fancy

Flights of fancy are a fantasy.
A story sold to suckers old,
But, I’ll remember forever the tale of her and me.
Yes, a story that’s told of lovers once,  turning cold,
Yet, I never can sever my knowing of her and me.

But, what can be said is said till we’re mute and dumb
Of the history of her and me:
That wisdom is come
When he and she give in to fantasy,
But, that only can happen when I no longer thrum
At the thought of giving up practicality.

When caution has fled
Then wisdom is dead and I give reign to her and me.
And only then, when you lie a-bed
Will I give up my fantasy.
Because I’ll never leave words unsaid
As I whisper sweet words beside your head,
Till our dreams become reality.


2 thoughts on “Flights of Fancy

  1. Great sing-song rhythm. I enjoy your consistent word-play, too. Stuff like “fancy” and “fantasy” and “never” and “sever.” Pulled me right through the poem, good job 🙂


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