Persephone’s Vows

O husband mine,
In Fate we twine.
My darling, dear,
My darkness, dear,
My waxing heart,
My waning hart,
Selene’s fell face
Ne’er held such sway
As you upon this Day.
In sundered hall
With festive sprawl
Inciting us
To heights Olympus
Following steps
To infernal depths
Past want or care
Or wish or dare.
Past Mother’s hopes
Avoiding tropes.
You called to me;
You call to me.
You call me yours;
I call you mine;
I call me mine.
You stole from me
With vows of granite
Seeds of pomegranate
Yet, willingly
I gifted you
All I wished to do.
These Vows I make
This Day I take
Eternal Night
For Love of Yours
I fight.


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