Sketching Badly

Eschewing true thoughts Side-stepping what’s Heaven-wrought So we might be bought. Heaven & Hell are not– Always saying: “Thou shalt not–” Always say: “Seek not.” Always, always, all Never, never, never fall Even in evening. Sickness is a draught A kick in the pants. And life? Is merely a draft. Sketching, sketching–rough. Sketching, sketching off […]


Crunch. Snap goes the twig, Crunch. crunch. Beat goes the heart. Stop goes the heart. Worms goes the heart. Crunch. crunch. Grows goes the bone. Crack goes the bone. Ash goes the bone. Crunch. crunch. crunch. Sick goes the wife. Down comes the strife. Shit goes my life. Crunch. crunch. Help goes the call, Hearing […]

Flights of Fancy

Flights of fancy are a fantasy. A story sold to suckers old, But, I’ll remember forever the tale of her and me. Yes, a story that’s told of lovers once,  turning cold, Yet, I never can sever my knowing of her and me. But, what can be said is said till we’re mute and dumb Of […]

The pale, pale Moon

Beneath the pale, pale moon The beastlings, they are howling; Their love they are growling Inside, in one another. Their seedlings, they are yowling; Their changing from cubs to mothers. Their snouts, they are scowling Turns to young all too soon Beneath the pale, pale moon. Beneath the pale, pale moon The lovers, they are dancing […]

Dancing Wings

A pillar of fire In the woods is burning Consuming nothing Blackening nothing. There is a pillar of flame Inside the wood. Within a river it’s residing Of swollen molten glass it’s sliding; Its appearance, shifting, Houses countless souls combining Over amber, crimson, violet cascading Violent hues of color purifying. Fluid: sinking, rising, sinking; They […]