A girl walks into a comic shop.

A girl walks into a comic shop

Her father close upon her heels;

She looks around at all the heroes

Their super sigils on their super chests;

Their glass eyes staring down at her.

These hyper deities are learning us a lesson

In spandex and colored undies of how to be human,

But, there’s a funny thing, a thing that only she can notice:

Where are the heroes that look like her?

Where have all the girls gone?


She looks for them behind the beer bellies,

Behind the balding heads and too long beards,

With ever watchful glasses fogging overhead

Their shorts too short to hide their scabby knees

And much too low to hide their plumber’s cracks.


She makes her way away through shelves

She makes her way anyway

To find the heroines she believes in

She finds the girls, but something’s wrong

They’re in all the wrong places–

They’re under thumbs of mouth-breathers,

Their breath is staining twice used middle spreads

As the girls in handkerchiefs called costumes

Are asking for help instead of taking names

They’re kissing one another instead of doing deeds.

These are not the heroes she wants

These are not the heroes she deserves


Approaching the mouth breathers, she demands they release her friends

They lash back calling her tease and strumpet,

They fling venom and make suggestions on where to go and who to be.

She turns to find her father standing there,

But, he isn’t there, she finds his friends are there

They lock in rows and form up ranks

There’s safety in numbers she learns that day.

They lock up shop and dress her up

In costumes of their making

She wants to wear what she wants to wear,

But the men say differently than her

She’s forced into tiny tights and skintight skin in which her opinion is deferred.

She’s pretty young, but pretty still, and pretty still, but oh so pretty

They pet her hair and pat her privates

They breathe on her and over her and on top of her

She never forgets her father’s friends

She never forgets when she wears a costume of their making

She never forgets when her costume was ripped from her.

She understands how heroines are made not born.


A girl walks into a comic shop.




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